Visa Information

The World Economic History Congress invites scholars from around the globe to attend its triennial meeting in Paris July 25th through July 20th 2022. Some attendees may need to apply for and obtain a travel visa to enter France. The procedure only concerns short stay durations (inf. 90 days).

Here is the list of countries from which a visa is needed, at least for the moment.

If you require an invitation letter you can use the application form below to request one to be sent to you electronically.

The following information must be provided for us to issue such a letter: Full Name, Institutional Affiliation, Physical Address, Email Address, Panel Title (if applicable), and Paper Title (if applicable).

If you have any special instructions, including statements about your funding of the conference visit, please use the special instructions section on the form. Then, we will send you a letter of invitation, signed by the President of the EHESS.

In case your application for a visa would prove uneasy, the EHESS can send you a conventional document. It does not attribute any official academic status, but it will help you in the procedure.

We advise you to start the procedure at least 3 months ahead.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email at any time. Note also that organizers cannot send invitation letters until the participant has registered for the conference.


Do I need a visa? To know if you need a visa, you can run a simulation at the following link: 
If I need a visa, where do I get it? Visa services (French Embassy/Consulate abroad):

You can find at the following links the list of countries of the Schengen area:


You can find at the following link the list of countries exempted from visa to enter europe (at the bottom of the page): 


Since the lists might not be updated, we strongly advise to run a simulation test to check if you need a visa :  

For more information: